The Role of the University: A Chinese Government Perspective

Xi calls for more thought control on China’s campuses‘ – this may look like a hostile newspaper headline, but it is from The South China Morning Post, a major Hong Kong paper that is not considered inimical to the government: ‘Xi’s remarks are part of an ongoing ideological campaign in academia. A year ago, then minister of education Yuan Guiren declared Western values “not suitable for class”, causing an outcry at home and concern overseas.’

‘Xi Calls for Universities to Be Communist “Strongholds”’ from The China Digital Times.

‘China: Xi calls for stricter ideological control of universities’ from the BBC

‘China’s vice president orders more thought control over students’ from The Telegraph: ‘Mr Xi… also told university chiefs to closely monitor lecturers, especially those starting their academic careers. ‘

One of the underlying beliefs of these announcements is the importance of universities in society.

Efficient Learning

The group who studied, slept, then restudied showed better initial test performance in the relearning session, and their relearning of forgotten items at this session was quicker, as compared with the group who’d studied in the morning then had their relearning session in the evening. Moreover, the study/sleep/relearn group outperformed the study/awake/relearn group both at the one-week retest and the six-month re-test.

See the Research Digest of the British Psychological Society